Chore Thread Packages

Chore Threads. What are they? What is their benefit to me, the blogger? I hear these questions A LOT. Literally almost every day. Let me run this down for you.

Chore threads: This is where a blogger or virtual assistant, like myself, will comment on a post in a group with one of their social media links. Some chore threads are ‘follow for follow’ (meaning you follow me on X platform and I’ll follow you back), others are more specific.  You can find Facebook and Instagram post LIKE threads (simply like the post they linked in the comment), Pinterest Repin threads, Stumbleupon Discovery and Thumbs up threads, the list goes on. The general idea is “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”.

Benefit: MORE ENGAGEMENT!  If you have more eyes on your posts the better chance you have of another blogger sharing that post to their followers.  This, in turn, could potentially lead to more PAGEVIEWS. And we all know that Page views = Money.

Marissa is a very timely and hardworking VA. Whenever I ask her to do something for me like chore threads she gets them done right away and for a reasonable price. I highly recommend her for your next blogging project.
— Jilleen – Travel & Family Influencer, SoCal Field Trips

Many bloggers prefer to set up all their chore thread needs in advance.  This obviously makes planning your month out easier.

Weekly or Monthly Chore Thread Packages

Lite Package – The lite package is perfect for the blogger who just needs a little boost, it gives you a total of 5 threads. You can choose to use all 5 threads in one day or use 1 thread per day. The choice is yours. Unused threads do not carry over.

Package Price: $25/monthly

Heavy Package – The heavy package gives you a total of 4 threads a day Monday through Friday. With a weekly a total of 20 threads. As before, you can use them spread out however you’d like as long as they are used by end of business Friday.  Unused threads do not carry over.

Package Price: $90/Weekly

Roll Over Package – The Rollover package will give you a total of 10 threads each month.  You can use these threads on any type of chore thread.  I am very aware that at times there are more posts that need to be promoted than others, this is why I implemented my exclusive Roll Over feature. At the time of this post, there is no other Virtual Assistant, that I am aware of, that offers a Roll Over option. What this means is if you only have 7 posts that you put in chore threads one month the remaining 3 will roll over to the following month.  You would then have 13 threads for that next month.  Threads roll only one month.  If you roll any they must be used the following month along with your normal package or you will lose them.  They will not continuously roll.

Package Price: $50/Monthly

One Off’s Thread Options – None of the packages seem to quite “fit” your needs? That is totally OK! I bill my clients weekly on Fridays for work completed that week.  If you only have 1 or 2 threads for that week, you would receive an invoice from me on Friday.  Invoices are due on Monday and before any additional tasks start.

One Off Threads: $5/Thread

Please email me with One Off requests: marissa @ virtualbloggingtools dot com