My Virtual Blogging Tools Portfolio

Because what you see can speak volumes, below you will find samples of my work. I absolutely love what I do and it shows. Working closely with my clients gives me a sense of pride and I feel like I am a little bit a part of their success.  When a post goes viral or the “you are amazing…” messages happen, it really makes my heart full.

Marissa has been like having a 2nd me around. She has doubled the amount I am able to get done each week, which has doubled my income!

-Danielle Leonard – The Frugal Navy Wife

Being able to virtually lend a hand to other bloggers so that they succeed, without the weight of the workload on their shoulders alone, brings me such joy.

Marissa is awesome! She’s the perfect gal to help you get started with working with a VA. Although she has a list of services that she offers, she is always willing to figure out how to make whatever you need work. She’s helped me to work more efficiently and I love knowing she’s there to help when I need her!

– Sharon Garofalow – Cupcakes and Cutlery

I am dedicated, passionate, extremely driven and ready to see what great accomplishments we can drum up together.  Please, reach out to me and let’s talk about your goals.

Virtual Blogging Tools Portfolio


I love Pinterest and bloggers know that this can be a huge source of traffic.  A fantastic image is key! I can also help with Pinterest Management.

Sponsored Posts/Review Bones

Bloggers monetize their websites.  It’s a business and a passion.  Getting paid to put up posts about a brand or specific company and product are great ways to monetize.  Do you need images for those posts? I can do that. Need a little boost with getting the post set up in a timely manner?  Let me handle your Review Bones.

Facebook Images

First impressions go a long way.  To get followers to engage in your posts is important.  Catch their eye in their newsfeed with an amazing photo! I can also assist with Facebook Management.

Recipe Recreations

Have a recipe that just needs a little facelift?  I can recreate your recipe for better images.

Ready to put me to work?  Pick your package and we will be on our way!

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