Sponsored Post Review Bones

Sponsored Post Review Bones

Often times bloggers will work with larger brands to bring awareness to a product or service.  They are frequently paid by the brand to post these reviews on their blogs.  Although these reviews are brought on by a monetary compensation the opinions of the blogger is what is important to the brand. These are known as a Sponsored Post.

These sponsored post tasks can stack up quickly making it easy for the blogger to fall behind.  Outsourcing the structure of the post can put your mind at ease.  The only task left for the blogger once the “bones” are set up is to simply personalize the post with their own views and opinions and publish it.

Let me take the load off! I have been providing Review Bones to bloggers for quite some time now and I really love it.

If you were here, I would kiss you for doing that sponsored post for me. It’s perfect. I’m so so relieved to have you.  You have been a God send.
— Lori Felix, More With Less Today

Sponsored Post Review Bones

  • Details of the sponsored post requirements laid out in your writing style
  • Maximum of 300 words
  • Uploading 2 images
  • Linking to relevant blog posts within your site if at all possible
  • Bones are written on your site and saved to drafts for your review and easy access (login required)

Review Bones: $45/post

If you require a pinnable image created for the post I also do that.  You can review a few images for Sponsored Posts in my Portfolio.

Send me an email to discuss your needs: marissa @ virtualbloggingtools dot com. I look forward to working with you.